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Customer Experience is the key to growth in your business. Most customers claim that their experience in terms of customer service is an important factor by manifolds that the money they are asked to pay for a service. Customer satisfaction is therefore the most important thing that defines purchase and decisions. It is thus very essential to improve customer service.

In this digital age, customers expect companies to be available 24×7 and help out anytime and anywhere they need them to. To ensure good and continued customer support it is critical to also focus on great agent experience, for which a simple, powerful, and intuitive cloud contact centre, tool that enables agents to focus on the customer, rather than processes, is key. So, what is a cloud contact centre and how is it beneficial for small and medium businesses? In this article, we will be talking about all that and help you with tips and factors to keep in mind when choosing the right solution for your business. Let’s get started.

What is a Cloud Contact Center?

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A Cloud contact centre is a call centre setup that is hosted over the internet (VoIP phone system) and is easily deployable with a minimum upfront cost. It’s a software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and applications which allow you to deliver outstanding levels of customer service. In a cloud contact centre, all inbound and outbound calling operations are run over the internet and it provides uninterrupted customer service through all channels like Voice, Email, Chat, and Social Media.

Most companies go for a cloud contact centre to reduce their hardware setups cost and minimize the installation to go up and running in less time. But then there is much much more to it than just this.  

Benefits of Cloud contact centre

1. Reduced Costs

A cloud-based contact centre is more affordable for any-size business. On-premise products typically have large, upfront licensing fees, as well as additional maintenance and upgrade costs. Lack of these fees helps make cloud-based contact centres more cost-effective. The monthly or annual subscription costs associated with running a cloud-based deployment are generally much lower in terms of the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining.

2. Faster Implementation

Cloud-based contact centre solutions can be set up much faster since users will be accessing the software online. A quicker and smoother implementation means agents will be able to start making calls and having conversations across other digital channels sooner. 

3. Higher Scalability

Cloud-based contact centres ensure higher scalability. If your contact centre starts growing rapidly or has a sudden increase in inbound call volume, additional seats can easily be added. Bringing more agents on board during peak call seasons can help increase capacity. 

4. Greater Security 

It turns out that your information may be safer when stored in a data centre managed by a cloud provider in compliance with national and global security standards and certifications. Cloud-based contact centre solution providers are more likely to have multiple data centres and the resource to provide both virtual and physical security for their data centres. 

5. Ease of Remote Working

Like many other benefits, remote working is another sought after benefit of a cloud-based contact centre. It is a go-to solution because of the flexibility it gives employees in terms of remote working. Since agents and managers can access the software online, it’s much easier for managers to manage remote workers. Having a certain percentage of your employees work remotely can help cut business costs too.

6. Improved Customer Experiences

A good customer experience like a first call solution is something that most companies aspire in these time of instant messaging. Many cloud-based contact centre solutions support omnichannel, or at least multichannel experiences. This means that your agents can meet customers wherever they are most comfortable—whether it be over the phone, email, video chat, texting, or Facebook messaging.

How Horizon contact stands out 


There are a lot of contact centre solutions out there in the market that cater to the larger enterprises, but there aren’t many for the SMEs. So what is the one thing that stands out in Gamma’s Horizon Contact that makes it beneficial for SMEs? Let us look at the various benefits of the solution individually and how they can benefit SMEs.

1. Easy to use and scalable

Like most VoIP solutions, it’s a scalable solution from 2 – 500 seats with the option to add licences at any time as and when your business grows. This is very beneficial for SMEs as they can not commit a large number of users at the very onset. The flexibility to increase the number of users at any given time ensures a stress-free solution for smaller companies.

2. Cost effective

It is a cost-effective solution. This means that your business could benefit from dramatically reduced communications costs. This, along with the amazing flexibility offered by this VoIP solution means you’ll never look back. Also, a pure cloud solution ensures no expensive outlay on hardware. Simple licencing model, enabling enterprise-level solutions at an SMB price.

3. Remote working

It is cloud-based and as such agents can log into any device and work anytime, anywhere. As Horizon Contact uses WebRTC, agents can have the same user experience wherever they have internet access. This also reduces a lot of cost of office spaces for the smaller businesses who can ensure business continuity no matter where the staff works from.

4. CRM integration

It has a fully integrated CRM solution, allowing you to manage all customer interactions within a single consolidated database.

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Give your employees the right tools to be productive and meet your performance metrics. Choose a cloud contact centre platform that integrates the latest technologies and digital tools with your existing systems. Deliver the service your customers want on the channels they prefer and beat your first-contact resolution goals in the process. Your customers will thank you for it. To book a FREE demo of Horizon contact, click on the below button.