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Did you know that with a cloud contact centre you’re in control? Modular applications for all types of omnichannel customer contact and workforce optimisation enable you to deploy added capabilities and expand your cloud contact centre solution at your own pace. If you are unsure about moving to a cloud-based solution (VoIP) from a traditional on-premise solution, read about the TOP 10 cloud contact centre features that prove highly beneficial for businesses.

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Why do you need a cloud contact centre?

It’s a software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and applications which allow you to deliver outstanding levels of customer service.

Most companies go for a cloud contact centre to reduce their hardware setups cost and minimize the installation to go up and running in less time. But then there is much much more to it than just this.

Top 10 features of Cloud Contact Centre

There are several features that outshine the traditional on premise solution in comparison to a cloud contact centre solution. Let us go through the TOP 10 features that make cloud contact centre the go-to solution for SMBs.

1. Voice channel

Cloud contact centre provides a comprehensive set of voice features to enable agents to make and receive calls and manage the current and historical communication with customers.

2. Call Back Facility

It is a known thing that customers aren’t always in a position to wait in a queue to speak to an agent. In addition, cloud contact centre can be assessed to position the caller’s position in a queue, announce the wait time and offer the option of a call-back in case the waiting time is too long.

3. Email Channel

Connected to email servers to send and receive emails using the POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols. So, this allows customers to use existing email services, such as Gmail or Microsoft 365 and multiple email addresses can be used.

4. Advanced queue management

Customer interactions are queued and managed within the contact centre environment. Further, calls / emails are prioritised into VIP queues to improve first contact resolution.

5. Call Recording

With a cloud contact centre you can choose if you want to record inbound, outbound or internal calls for customer service, training or audit purposes. Also, callers can be provided with the choice to opt-out of their calls being recorded, however, agents can still select to record their part of the call.

6. Live Data and Wallboards

This helps to show powerful live data from the minute an agent starts to handle a call, email or webchat.

7. Skills-based call routing

This special feature allows you to automatically route calls to the most qualified agent. This aids in first call resolution and enhancing customer experience.

8. Management Reporting

Scheduling and extracting reports either to a third-party reporting tool or to manager’s email are a useful tool for supervisors

9. Webchat

Webchat conversations can be served between calls to ensure high agent productivity or agents can work on multiple chats at the same time.

10. Automated services like auto-attendant and music-on-hold

This helps to reduce the number of staff required to provide the contact centre service and to take care of callers until an agent becomes available.

Why Horizon contact for your cloud contact centre?

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Horizon Contact is an integrated business communication and customer contact solution that simplifies multichannel customer interaction, perfect for organisations that want to make it easier for customers to engage with them.

Unlike most Contact Centre solutions, Horizon Contact provides an easy to use, self-service feature set, for SMBs at a price point they cant afford. Horizon Contact provides a consistent quality Omnichannel solution.

Horizon Contact supports inbound and outbound voice channels, webchat and email, enabling a highly personalised customer experience.

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We know that after reading about all these features, you are tempted to move to a cloud contact centre. Obviously, you might have a lot of questions for us too. We have you sorted. Join us for a LIVE webinar where we discuss Horizon Gamma and look forward to answering all your questions. Be quick to book a seat today.

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