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If 2020 was the year of the Covid-19, 2021 is the year for businesses to recover as we are stepping out of the pandemic to enter the new normal. 2020 forced companies to evolve and push forward digital transformation as companies moved staff to work from home and adopted new ways of communications. You need a better business mobile plan that could help you stay connected all the time while giving you the ability to control costs and be flexible in these uncertain times. This article will guide you through how to choose your new business mobile plan that is as adaptive as your business needs to be.

“42% of SME & Small Business owners are now more reliant on tech due to Covid-19” (Simply Business Report: Covid-19 impact on small business)

Essentially, your new business mobile plan should

1. Always get you connected & online

It is critical that you could be there whenever your customer needs you, especially when the whole team is working remotely. Your internet is not always there for you as sometimes incidents like wifi signal suddenly gets weak or unexpected power failure might happen. So while waiting for your internet to work normally again, what could you use? Exactly, you would need a reliable data plan from your phone to use it as a wifi hotspot for your devices. Look for a a mobile plan that could help you with this so your customers could contact you anytime they need you.

2. Be flexible to be as adaptive as you need

Choose a mobile plan that is flexible to changes, so if you need to add or remove add-ons, choose either single user or shared data plan, you can easily be confident in making those changes. These uncertain times require your business to be as adaptive as possible, therefore, you need to keep track of what’s best for your business, and be able to easily make changes as you go forward.

3. Be cost-effective

36% of businesses are concerned about running out of money (Simply business report) since impacted heavily by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the whole UK economy is recovering, you need to control the cash flow by only using mobile plans that are optimized for your usage, and cut down unnecessary fees. Look for plans that suit your need!

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4. Be utilised for remote working with 5G speed

5G’s availability is increasing rapidly in the UK and using 5G means using the fastest internet connection available from your phone. Especially when you use your phone as a wifi hotspot for your laptop, you wouldn’t want to experience lags or delays when having an important video conference call. Find a mobile plan that enables you to use 5G anywhere you need, even outside the UK.

5. Be simple to control

Sorting out the business mobile contract should not be a problem, especially when you have a lot more things to do during the pandemic with team members being on furlough. Choose a mobile service that is all-inclusive in one simple contract and one bill, so that you could save time on admin and focus on what matters more for keeping the business going forward.

How Business Evolve – Vodafone’s latest mobile plan gives you the flexibility you need during uncertain times.

Business Evolve is a flexible approach to choosing a mobile plan for your business that is designed to give you more peace of mind in uncertain times.

Business Evolve Mobile Plan Vodafone features
Business Evolve Mobile Plan Features

For starters, you can be there for your customers with unlimited minutes, text and pictures messages as standard. Business Evolve means worry-free communication, keeping you connected and online, even if you exceed your data allowance, with Data +.

With Business Evolve, you can keep your options open. Choose what’s best for your business now – and add our cost-effective roaming and international bolt-ons or more data, for example, as and when you need them.

What’s more, you’re in control of what you spend. Business Evolve includes cost capping and usage notifications options, so you won’t get any surprises on your bill. And, with one contract and one mobile bill, your phone plan is kept fuss-free.

With so much uncertainty at the moment, you can be reassured to know that Vodafone has been voted the UK’s best network by Trusted Reviews’ readers.

As Vodafone’s Total Communications Partner, 80% first call resolution and excellent customer service, Savincom team is there for you when you need us.

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