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Customers these days have become more demanding, thanks to a growing number of digital technologies that make it easier to ask for support, raise a complaint, and track the status of an order. That’s made the contact centre the core of today’s service, and there are several reasons why the tradition on-premise solution may no longer be able to hold things together. Is an old, outdated contact centre keeping you away from addressing your needs and growing your business? In this article, we will be talking at length about the advantages of having a cloud contact centre solution for your business and a few drawbacks that can be easily done away with. Let’s learn more.

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What is a cloud contact centre?

A cloud contact centre is an internet-based facility that handles all inbound and outbound customer communications for a company.  This solution provides greater flexibility along while also eliminating the cost of infrastructural investment. 

A cloud-based contact centre is a call centre setup that is hosted over the internet (VoIP phone system). It is easily deployable with a minimum upfront cost. It’s a software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and applications which allow you to deliver outstanding levels of customer service. In a cloud contact centre, all inbound and outbound calling operations are run over the internet and it provides uninterrupted customer service through all channels like Voice, Email, Chat, and Social Media.

Most companies go for a cloud contact centre to reduce their hardware setups cost and minimize the installation to go up and running in less time. But then there is much much more to it than just this.

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Cloud contact centre advantages

While different businesses see stronger benefits in certain areas comparison to a on-premise solution, 5 general benefits can make a big difference to a business’s bottom line. Let us see how these benefits make a real difference.

1. Easy installation 

Businesses can enhance their cloud contact centre operations with an easy to deploy set up. Installation is very simple when it comes to a cloud contact centre solution. This is especially beneficial for SMBs as they do not have to invest huge capital in infrastructure for a physical work environment.

2. Lower Capital Expenditure required

SAVE A LOT more money with a cloud contact centre. Make your business more compelling with lower Capital Expenditure. This comes with eliminating the need for infrastructure and hardware installation. 

3. Remote working is the need of the hour

With a cloud contact centre, your agents can work across multiple geographical locations and a laptop and strong internet connection will suffice the need for handling all calling operations.

4. Scale your business whenever you want

Increase or decrease employees without any hassle. Expand your business operations, your cloud service provider will take care of hardware management. With a cloud-based call centre you can scale up and down as per your business requirements without worrying about operational costs.

5. Data Security

Are your customers constantly worried about data leakage? Do not worry, a cloud-based contact centre ensures that all your business data is kept secure free from any cyber-attacks.

6. Experience faster deployment of new capabilities

With a cloud contact center, you can add capabilities on the fly, allowing agents to immediately act on new opportunities. Plus you can easily pilot new sales tools and other systems before making a long-term commitment.

Every business, whether small, mid-sized, or large enterprise, needs a cloud contact centre. Setting it up is easy, no calls will be missed and businesses will get the flexibility to operate from multiple locations. While working across geographies, you can place the call server on the company’s premises while the application and database will be on the cloud.

While there are many many more advantages of using a cloud contact centre for your business, like everything else, there are a few drawbacks too. Let us take a look.

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Disadvantages of cloud contact centre

1. Voice quality might differ

Voice quality depends on the speed and quality of the internet connection. Therefore, places where the internet connection is not the best, your call-quality might suffer.

2. Data visibility and accessibility

Some will urge for an on-premise solution because there is a certain feeling of security knowing the data physically exists just feet away. Others will raise concerns about accessibility in locations with limited bandwidth, arguing that on-premise software with remote VPN capabilities is better than a cloud-based one.

Many factors go into choosing between the right cloud-based solution for your business. Let us help you weigh all of them. Know more about Gamma’s Horizon Contact and ensure an enterprise-level experience for your customers. Get started by scheduling a demo today.