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By paying for the equipment monthly your business will be preserving their hard earned working capital and not tying money up in ever depreciating assets. Most importantly, Leasing allows your business to invest their money in more profitable activities which enable your business to grow.

Why 80% of the FTSE 500 do leasing

  • PROTECT YOUR CASH FLOW: Have the equipment you need now without affecting your companies cash reserves.
  • INCREASE YOUR PROFITABILITY: You can conserve your working capital and put it to use in other more profitable ways.
  • PAY AS YOU USE: You can pay for the equipment as it’s used and spread the cost through its working life, i.e. 1 to 5 years.
  • TAX ALLOWABLE: Leasing qualifies as an operating expense to your business, meaning each is payment is 100% tax deductible.
  • AFFORD THE BEST QUALITY: With a manageable monthly repayment, you can afford the latest technology available. There’s no need to cut corners on your upgrade!
  • SIMPLE DIRECT DEBIT: One rental can include all equipment and ancillary costs i.e. consultancy, installation, training and delivery.
  • PAYMENTS ARE FIXED FOR THE TERM: Lease repayments are fixed for the duration of your lease, they do not fluctuate making budgeting easy.
  • FLEXIBLE END OF TERM: At the end of the lease contract you are free to keep, upgrade or return the equipment as you please.
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