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Vodafone offer a range of Fixed Services that build on existing systems, meaning the businesses that we support experience quality calls and data, regardless of their size or location. Solutions include Vodafone Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), Ethernet Services (DEA – Dedicated Ethernet Access , Ethernet Wireline), and DSL (ADSL, Broadband – FTTC and FTTP)


Through the Exponential-E network a number of services can be offered, including: ADSL, Broadband (FTTC and FTTP), Leased Lines, Ethernet Services, Cloud Connect, Smart Internet, Smart WAN, MPLS, VPLS, Managed LAN & WiFi.


Gamma provide an array of fixed data products, including: Gamma Assured (5, 10, 15), Gamma Converged 2+, Converged FTTC, ADSL 2+, Annex M, IPStream (100 GB), IPStream (Unlimited), FTTC, and ethernet services.