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Our Channel Partners can help you buy the best communications solutions to meet your needs. We support our partners with training, marketing resources and tools that help them provision and support the services they supply. They can also ensure your communications services integrate with your IT and other services. If you want to improve your business efficiency and competitiveness, a Vodafone partner could be just what you need.

Our Channel Partners are trusted, influential, responsive and knowledgeable.


  • Trusted


    You need to know you’re getting the best solutions and service from a reputable Partner. That’s why we have demanding selection criteria, and take on only Partners with the certifications, skills, customer service capability and experience to deliver the best results for your business.

  • Influential


    Our Channel Partners have a strong voice within Vodafone, which means they can secure competitive pricing and fast responses on your behalf, keeping you ahead of the game with your own customers.

  • Responsive


    Vodafone Channel Partners have access to a wide selection of our portfolio of products. You’ll get the solutions you need, while enjoying the time and cost savings provided by a single-supplier relationship. (There are a small number of services that we need to supply direct.) Many Partners also offer a dedicated account manager for a personal service.

  • Knowledgable


    We invest in training our network of Channel Partners so they know our products and services inside out. You can trust them to deliver the most effective communication solutions, tailored for your business.

We are an independent business consultancy having strong links with telecommunication service providers such as Vodafone. You can get exceptional saving on both your landlines and mobile together that simplifies your communication using Vodafone one net.

We are a Vodafone partner in London and this partnership enables us to gain priority access to packages and network support. Like other respectable customers, we know your importance, that’s why we offer right service at the right price. To run your business efficiently, we offer Vodafone One Net business that is a complete cloud based communications system.

To meet your business needs, we cannot only help you to select the best communication system but also install it for fast and efficient service. We can even train your employees to use it perfectly, so that your dedicated account manager will regularly review your service. It makes sure you to continue the best integrated telecom package that is ideal for your business.

We also ensure you to keep your existing telephone numbers and transfer them to the new system. The whole process will be done without any disruption to your business. Our partnership with Vodafone will make everyone more efficient and productive. It will make your communication easier to manage and connect your mobiles, desk phones and voicemail with excellent service.

Like many other client business, we enable your employees to pick up calls, anywhere. You can turn mobiles into virtual landlines and your staff can work remotely. They can even answer the calls at their desk or on their mobile.

By using hunt groups, any ‘number busy’ call will be re-directed to another team member. This is an efficient process to avoid any delay and inconvenience. Customers can also select their relevant department for inquiry using auto attendant.

To save your money, we include your landline number, internal calls and voicemail billing on one business plan.

Welcome to your Local Gold Vodafone Partner

Established in 2005, Savincom has been at the forefront of an ever-changing industry for 10 years. Our senior consultants have over 10 years’ experience in the industry; our team members’ average industry experience is 5 years.

Over the last decade we have built up relationships with all the major UK Networks, allowing us access to their very best deals. We have also evolved to a creative, strategic, lateral-thinking approach to seeking out the most efficient ways to reduce cost and improve service in terms of both time and cost, Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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