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We and our O2 Partners in London offer an array of services which includes simple yet flexible tariffs, upgrades and a relaxed payment schedule.
When it comes to providing Mobile services for small – Medium Business, Savincom has an experience of over 10 years of Consultancy, Account Management and Real Time reporting which enables our clients to save cost and enhance efficiency at the same time.

What we offer?

Savincom and O2 have executed exclusive data sharing plans which will enable you to spread your data allowances on your respective network to be spread across the multiple devices in use.
In case you don’t use multiple devices, you can make use of it by sharing it with other personnel or family members as well.
The number of devices can go up to 10 for a single plan with a data bundle starting from 1 GB and above.
Business Tariffs are usually 4G with unlimited calls and texts. You can just come with an average of data use for your company or Team for a single Month and leave the rest to us.
With technology evolving every second, there comes a time your business will upgrade the devices and infrastructure. However, Savincom is licensed to replace your old devices for O2 Partners in London with cash refunds if required.

Don’t lose track:

To add more value for our prestigious customers, the amount of data can also be monitored through the O2’s application for all three platforms, iPhones, Android and Windows.
In case, you didn’t get the time to monitor or check, we will send an alert when the usage reached the 80 percent mark.

Optimize your cost:

The tariffs vary with the number of devices in use. Starting from the very nominal charges per device on Monthly basis, you can make your Business more efficient and less costly.



Welcome to your Local O2 Partner

Established in 2005, Savincom has been at the forefront of an ever-changing industry for 10 years. Our senior consultants have over 10 years’ experience in the industry; our team members’ average industry experience is 5 years.

Over the last decade we have built up relationships with all the major UK Networks, allowing us access to their very best deals. We have also evolved to a creative, strategic, lateral-thinking approach to seeking out the most efficient ways to reduce cost and improve service in terms of both time and cost, Please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly.

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