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The threat to security is increased with the access of mobile devices. Through a safe mobile service management you can keep your business safe. Reliable mobile service software is good for you to manage your business devices.To meet your business needs, we use good mobile device management. We want your business to be up & running efficiently with a fully cloud based deployment. If you need to grow and take more control over your environment, seamlessly migrate to our MDM software.

We are here to offer you many next generation MDM systems. The systems are available with a wide range of providers. It is not always easy for you to identify the perfect software and services. As per your today and tomorrow needs, we will provide you the best solution.

MDM Solutions:





Mobile Iron




A next generation mobile device management system can communicate with the mix of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or mobile POS devices. It can even handle BYOD, so employees can gain access to internal networks by using their own mobile device. It makes integration easy and discovers devices accessing enterprise systems. It also leverages existing Active directory and certificate authorities.

MDM system can easily work on all mobile operating systems such as Android, IOS, Blackberry or Windows.

MDM can protect your mobile devices against the security threats, monitor the content delivery and manage/ configure the devices remotely. It is also good to support your devices that contain applications and OS updates.

It has applications that ensure your mobiles are business ready. It can also collect data, such as taking minutes from a meeting. The configuration settings are ideal to harmonize IT across the business.

Through this software, you can block unauthorized mobiles from accessing email or other corporate information. It is a safeguard for your sensitive corporate data & protects the network from possible mobile threats.

The software can control and manage all your devices from a single console. It ensures the right policies are applied to the right device because every good mobile device management delivers flexibility with support for user cases. All the business users, remote workers, shared devices, highly sensitive users and kiosks are perfect suit of MDM.

Consumers love their mobile phones and tablets, so they want to user their devices at work. From our service, you can develop and deploy your device with BYOD policy from every direction. It also includes the C suite of executives, who tend to use it on their smartphones and tablets for work.

The right mobile device management product is a key component to make it work. The MDM software simplifies with the rapid development and comprehensive visibility that can control the spans across mobile devices, applications & documents.

Managed mobile services updated for optimal performance in UK

Just like other satisfied clients, Savincom is looking to provide you service with many years of experience. We are an independent business consultant working for you rather than any particular provider and managed mobile services, successfully. Our expert business solution providers are ready to learn your business before survey the market. We are one of the best sources to provide your business solutions at competitive price.

An MDM system will allow you

Whatever mix of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets or mobile POS devices your team uses, a next-generation MDM can communicate with and manage them all. It can even handle BYOD – bring your own devices – so employees can use their own mobile device to gain access to internal networks.

A good MDM system doesn’t care what platform your mobile device runs on – iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile – as it securely distributes “over-the-air”:

  • Protect mobile devices against security threats.
  • Monitor the delivery of content.
  • Manage and configure devices remotely.
  • Support devices with application and OS updates.
  • Applications: Ensuring they are business ready.
  • Data: Such as taking minutes from a meeting.
  • Configuration settings: To harmonise IT across the business.

The more mobile devices there are in circulation

The more mobile devices there are in circulation, the greater the threat to security.Enter Mobile Device Management – though keeping your business safe is just oneof the amazing things it can do.By using Mobile Device Management (MDM) software you can manage all of your business’s devices, across all mobile service providers, for all types of device, no matter which operating system they use.


  • It can also block unauthorised mobiles from accessing email or other corporate information, safeguard sensitive corporate data and shield the network from mobile threats.
  • However, there are many next-generation MDM systems and a wide range of providers. It is not always easy for businesses to identify which software and services will meet their business needs today and tomorrow.
  • This is where Savincom with its years of experience can help. We are independent business consultants, working for you rather than any particular provider. So we learn about your business first before we survey the market to source the best solutions at the best price.