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Today, almost every organisation uses CCTV to protect its people, property and buildings. Too often, the systems are installed to appease insurance providers, or in the hope that they will deter would-be thieves. However, existing systems can be insecure, inaccessible, expensive to maintain and may be unreliable when dealing with an incident. The problems with existing systems include

Accessibility – footage is often stored locally, requiring a site visit to access or buried on tapes and disks.Cost – manual monitoring, site visits, hardware – the costs add up.

Security – CCTV cameras weren’t designed with cybersecurity in mind; they’re open to hacking and inside abuse, putting compliance and privacy at risk.

Effectiveness – cameras often aren’t monitored and alerts aren’t raised consistently. False alarms are an issue.

Availability – hardware problems with cameras or DVRs can go undetected, meaning footage is lost and also storage capacity is limited.

Vodafone Building Security

Discover how we use IoT to securely monitor buildings and assets anytime, anywhere to prevent loss

Remote Monitoring & Control Service from Vodafone IoT

See how our Remote Monitoring and Control (RMCS) solution works, how it benefits customers and how it could be used to
innovate your organisation.

Marketforce Security Webinar

Watch our security webinar which brought together security companies, technology, property and risk management experts to discuss how changes in technology can change customer expectations – security need no longer be a grudge purchase.

A new, more effective approach

Vodafone Building Security is an end-to-end service protecting your business – anytime, anywhere.

We make visual data more secure, compliant and far more accessible. That means that not only are your key assets more secure, but you can see how they are put to work to be more effective for you. Vodafone Building Security is a managed service. We take responsibility for the processing of your visual data, so you have more time to use it. The service is highly adaptable and can be tailored to fit the changing requirements of your business without the need for additional or replacement equipment. Vodafone Building Security connects to your CCTV systems via Vodafone’s leading IoT network. This enables us to scale your solution across multiple sites. It is compatible with legacy infrastructure — regardless of equipment types — so your staff have just one easy-to-use system to reach the data they need. Access is browser-based, so you can use any web-capable device.

Adding IoT connectivity to your CCTV systems enables you to monitor and review footage from any camera, in any location, via a single management console. That means an end to time-consuming and costly site visits to review footage.

Security camera detecting the movement of traffic