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Vodafone IoT provides managed Healthcare solutions that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. We are working to improve efficiencies with our tracking, monitoring and optimisation of assets to reduce admissions, empower patients, catering for specific conditions and increasing Healthcare access.

Vodafone provides:

  • A leader in the IoT market
  • Proven expertise in Healthcare
  • Enabling end-to-end solutions
  • Excellent customer support

Transforming lives The Internet of Things is at the heart of a digital healthcare revolution

The healthcare sector needs to adapt to maintain current levels of care. Mounting concerns across the ecosystem Whatever role you play in the healthcare ecosystem, one thing is clear: the industry’s ability to deliver effective care is under huge strain. Globally, better informed populations seeking healthcare services are growing fast, outstripping the availability of trained staff and those in need may be far from the nearest hospital or clinic. How can you make limited resources go further?  The cost of managing ageing populations and the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions is putting payers and governments worldwide under considerable pressure. How can we reduce the impact of long-term care needs on the healthcare infrastructure and how can individuals be empowered to manage their well-being? Concerns about drug effectiveness, emerging new threats like the Zika virus and the enormous cost associated with drug development continue to put the industry under strain. How can you innovate more quickly and efficiently, outpace the revenue shortfall from expiring patents, and adapt to new models, such as value-based pricing? Preventative care and the sharing of meaningful data potentially hold the key to easing the strain on the system. And empowered patients are ready to take the lead. How can the healthcare sector pivot from delivering treatment to supporting wellness, adapt to the demands for health information exchange and utilise the benefits of big data analytics for the population as a whole? IoT: powering the connected health revolution The Internet of Things (IoT) is crucial in answering many of these questions. IoT technology makes it possible to connect assets of all kinds.